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16th - 17th Nov

10:00 - 16:00


Blackthorpe Barn, Rougham
Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
SatNav: IP30 9HZ

What3Words: newly.sofas.debating

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Day tickets

Advance £2.50

On the day £3.00

Season ticket for all 10 days

Advance £12

On the day £15

About this event

Rougham Estate is renowned for its captivating arts and crafts events that bring together artists, craftsmen, and enthusiasts from all around. Nestled in a picturesque setting, these events offer a unique platform for creativity to flourish. From workshops led by skilled artisans, where participants can learn traditional techniques and modern innovations, to vibrant art exhibitions showcasing a diverse range of visual expressions, Rougham Estates’ arts and crafts events provide an immersive experience for all.

Whether you’re an aspiring artist looking to refine your skills or simply an admirer of the creative process, these events offer a wonderful opportunity to engage with the world of art and crafts in a dynamic and inspiring environment.

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Season ticket for all weekends


Free Parking


Wheelchair accessible


Assistance Dogs Only


Address: Blackthorpe Barn, Rougham
Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
SatNav: IP30 9HZ
What3Words: newly.sofas.debating
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There is plenty of free parking available.

Accessible parking is available near the entrance to the Café/Shop area.

Please Note: The car park closes when the Roots Café closes and the entrance gates are locked after this time.


Blackthorpe Barn is situated just south of Junction 45 of the A14, three miles east of Bury St Edmunds, in the village of Rougham.
Look out for the entrance gates to a long tree-lined avenue at the White House junction, with the Barn on the right of the avenue.
Blackthorpe Barn’s black and white signs direct visitors from local roads.


Are all the makers local?

The Arts and Crafts Fair attracts a wide range of very talented artisans, some of whom are local to the area and others travel considerable distances to join us.

Find out which makers are joining us on each weekend by seeing the Arts and Crafts Fair page.
You can sort the makers by week and by craft.

Are dogs allowed in the Arts and Crafts Fair?

Only assistance dogs are allowed in the Arts and Crafts Fair.

Are there different makers at the Barn every weekend of the Craft Fair?

Yes, there is a different mix of makers at the Barn every weekend.

A very few makers stay with us all 5 weekends, but most makers are at the Barn for one or two weekends, with new makers joining every weekend. This means there is always something new to see each weekend.

See the Arts and Crafts Fair page for more information about which maker is with us on which weekend. You can sort the grid of makers by week and by craft.

Which makers are at the Barn each weekend?

You can either see the Arts & Crafts Fair page for a grid of all the makers coming, where you can sort the makers by week and craft.

Alternatively go to the separate weekend pages to see the makers coming that weekend:
WeekEnd 1
WeekEnd 2
WeekEnd 3
WeekEnd 4
WeekEnd 5

Can I pay for entry with a card?

Yes, we accept both cards and cash for the Arts and Crafts Fair.
Or you can buy a ticket for a reduced price online.
Children 16 and under are admitted for free.

Can I pay the makers with card or cash?

Most of the makers prefer to take cards, but it is up to each maker how they wish to take payment.

Do the makers take commissions?

Many of the makers do take commissions, but this is up to each individual maker.

What is the Arts and Crafts Fair day ticket?

A day ticket for the Arts and Crafts Fair gives you entry to that one day of the Craft Fair, where around 50 makers have gathered.
You can buy the ticket online for £2.50 or for £3 on-the-door.

What is the Arts and Crafts Fair season ticket?

The season ticket is a great option if you are a fan of quality, handcrafted items.

For £12 (online) or £15 on-the-door, the season ticket gives you access to all 5 weekends (10 days) of the Arts and Crafts Fair. (This price is less than a single day ticket for many equivalent craft fairs in the region.)

What sort of crafts are at the fair?

There is a wide range of arts and crafts for sale at the fair, from jewellery and ceramics to leather-, glass-, metal- and woodwork, food and drink, art and much more.

Each maker is specifically selected to ensure quality and variety.
You can see more about the makers on the Arts and Craft Fair page.

Why do I have to pay to enter the Craft Fair?

The cost of the maintenance of an ancient barn such as this one is considerable, as is running an event like the Arts and Crafts Fair.
In order to support the makers and artisans we distribute these costs over both the stall-holders and visitors, thereby keeping the stall-holder fees down.

We charge a small entry fee for every visitor over 16, pricing our tickets very modestly compared to most other craft shows of this calibre.

The £2.50 (online) or £3 on-the-door day-ticket price is less than, for example, standard online postage costs, dropping to £1.20 per day for an online season ticket. That’s significantly less than a cup of coffee!

Our prices have remained the same over the past years despite the costs rising. By contributing the small entrance cost, you are supporting both Suffolk heritage and the talented craft-makers.
Thank you!

Why is the Arts and Crafts Fair not open during the week?

Makers sell their creations from individual stalls directly to visitors, using the days between the weekends to replenish their stock.

Does the Barn have heating?

Yes, the different parts of the Barn has heating; Roots Café and the toilets have underfloor heating, the shop and the long barn have gas heating and the thatched barn has radiant electric heaters.


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