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Opening Late July/Early August


Rougham Sunflower and Pumpkin Field
Just north of Junction 45 of the A14,
3 miles east of Bury St Edmunds

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Free admission and parking
No booking needed

Stems are charged:

£2 each
£8 for 5 stems
£12 for 10 stems

Rougham Sunflowers CLOSED until late July/ early August 2024

Could there be anything better than strolling through vibrant blooms of sunflowers, picking to your heart’s content? Or sitting by a sea of yellow with your loved ones, enjoying a summer’s picnic?

Well, you can do it at Rougham Sunflowers! Just east of Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, the field will open once again in the summer of 2024. Come and enjoy the wonderful display.

The sunflowers are in the same field as in 2023, retaining the same simple rustic charm and offering plenty of photo opportunities, as well as the joy of time outside in the countryside, with room for children to run and climb. We cut pathways through the sunflowers to make it easy for you to explore the area.

There is plenty more to enjoy too, with space to picnic, deckchairs, sandpits, a bug-hunt challenge (50p) to keep little ones occupied, ice cream and pedal tractors as well as lots of fabulous photo opportunities.

We expect the sunflower field will open sometime between late July and early August, depending on how the flowers are growing. The field usually stays open for 2-3 weeks. We will let you know the actual dates closer to the time.

2024 Food vans and vendors:

  1. Wrights – posh toasties, cakes and coffee and a licensed bar
  2. Face It Face Painting – face painting

Important information


Well-behaved dogs are welcome on the picnic area and must be kept on a short lead at all times. There will be a separate pathway to take dogs through the sunflowers, but due to previously having had to clean up too much mess, dogs are not allowed into the main maze. Please bring and use poop-bags.


The sunflower field usually closes about 2-3 weeks after it opens, but the actual date depends on how the flowering season goes.


Cards and Cash are both accepted around the site. Admission and parking are free.


Picnicking is encouraged, with plenty of blanket spots on the grassy area, or use the benches and deckchairs if you prefer


Catering will be available (vendors to be announced), offering sandwiches, coffees, snacks, drinks and ice cream, and even ice cream for dogs!


Toilet facilities are available near the entrance of the field, including an accessible toilet with baby-changing facilities.


The field is accessible for wheelchairs and prams, with wide-enough pathways through the sunflowers. Please be aware: this is a field; the ground is uneven in places and muddy if it has recently rained


Face-painting will be available each day, by the talented Face It Face Painting (£5 per face).

Perfect for Picking!


At the entrance to the sunflower maze, borrow a pair of secateurs

At the entrance to the sunflower maze, borrow a pair of secateurs, if you need some, for a small refundable deposit. The deposit will be deducted from the total cost of the sunflowers you pick, when you return the secateurs.


If you have a dog with you, it must stay in the picnic area

Well-behaved dogs are welcome on the picnic area and must be kept on a short lead at all times. There will be a separate pathway to take dogs through the sunflowers, but due to previously having had to clean up too much mess, dogs are not allowed into the main maze. Please bring and use poop-bags.


Wander around the maze

Enter the maze and enjoy wandering through the beautiful blooms, picking flowers as you go.
Don’t forget to take some pictures and tag us!


When you are done, head back to the entrance to pay

When you are ready to leave, head to the gazebo where a helpful member of staff will charge you according to how many stems you have cut, deducting the deposit for the secateurs if you borrowed some.
Payment by card is preferable although we will be taking cash.


Leave your flowers at the sunflower creche

Leave your flowers in a bucket of water at the sunflower creche while you enjoy some refreshments. Don’t forget to collect them before leaving!


Relax, let the children play and have a bite to eat

While you are here, take your time. Relax and let the children run, climb and play. Visit the tasty street food vans for some refreshment or enjoy your own picnic.


Leaving the sunflower field - Left Turn Only

Please note that the exit road is a left-hand turn only and the signposts will guide you accordingly.


Requests for Bulk Picking and Out-of-Hours Visits

We regularly get requests to pick a number of sunflowers for a special event, or to open the field out-of-hours for certain groups. We’re sorry, but unfortunately we are unable to fulfil these requests.



There are plenty of props around the field to help you get some great pictures. If you post your pictures online, tag us @roughamestate on instagram and facebook or #roughamsunflowers – we love to see them! For professional photoshoots, please see below.

Sunflower Facepaint 2

Things to Bring

  • Secateurs; bring your own or borrow some from us for a small refundable deposit
  • Gloves, if you need them; sunflower stems are prickly
  • Wellies if it’s rained recently
  • Cash or Card; admission and parking are free, but you may like to buy some sunflowers, a coffee or get your child’s face painted. Card is preferred, but cash is accepted
  • Picnic and Picnic Blanket, if you like
  • Camera for taking pictures; tag us @roughamestate and #roughamsunflowers


Tips for Looking After Cut Sunflowers

When you get your cut sunflowers home, here are some tips to help them last for as long as possible:

  • Get your sunflowers into water as soon as possible after cutting
  • Cut the stems at a 45 degree angle to help with hydration; if possible, cut the stem underwater
  • Remove all leaves below the water line; only keep the leaves near the flower
  • Fill the vase with warm water up to about 3/4 of the height of the stem
  • Top up the water daily, or better, change all the water in the vase daily (do this at least every 3 days)
  • Recut the stems after a few days (or do this daily), to help with hydration
  • Don’t expose the cut flowers to direct sunlight, heat or drafts
  • If the sunflower head is beginning to droop, cut the stem shorter and put the flower in warm water (try adding 2-3 teaspoons of sugar to the water). Another trick is to cut a short length of straight garden wire (4-5cm) and push it through the centre of the flower, into the stem, to give it some support
  • Sunflowers like a slightly acidic water solution with sugars for nutrition; try adding a teaspoon of sugar and two tablespoons of lemon juice (or a tablespoon of vinegar) to the water


Professional Photography and Drone Flights

The Sunflowers make for wonderful photos and there are several feature areas for you to take home some special captured memories. You are welcome to take photos for purely personal use.
We are happy to encourage professional photographers to use our wonderful sunflower field for photoshoots too, subject to the following conditions.

For the comfort and safety of all our visitors, and considering the fact that the sunflower field is part of Rougham Estate which is private land, all professional, commercial, for-profit, paid-for or “organised” photoshoots require a license and must be pre-booked and authorised by Rougham Estate.

Drone use is strictly prohibited unless pre-arranged and authorised by Rougham Estate. It should be undertaken during hours when the site is not open to the public, and will incur a fee.

Rougham Estate must be credited on all professional/commercial images sold or used for social media.
Unauthorised professional photographers or photoshoots may be asked to leave/stop as determined by Rougham Estate staff.

If you are interested in holding a photoshoot or flying a drone at the sunflowers, please contact Amie:
T: 01359 270238
E: events@roughamestate.com

Rougham Sunflower and Pumpkin Field, north of A14, Junction 45

Address: For your SatNav, use the postcode for the nearby industrial estate: IP30 9ND

Note - this is NOT the postcode for the pumpkin patch, but will get you near the A14, Junction 45 roundabout. See the diagram below and follow the pumpkin signs from the A14, J45 roundabout.

On arriving at the Pumpkin Patch you will be directed by a member of staff to park; there is ample parking on grass.

The sunflowers are in the same field as the sunflowers and pumpkins in 2023.


The field is just east of Bury St. Edmunds, easily accessible from the A14 and clearly sign-posted from Junction 45.

How to get there

From the Eastbound Carriageway:

  1. turn right at the roundabout at the end of the A14 slip road
  2. go up the north carriageway of Sow Lane
  3. fully around the roundabout at the top
  4. back down the south carriageway of Sow Lane
  5. turn right off Sow Lane into the grass parking.

From the Westbound Carriageway

  1. turn left at the end of the A14 slip road
  2. drive under the bridge
  3. straight over the first roundabout
  4. go up the north carriageway of Sow Lane
  5. fully around the roundabout at the top
  6. back down the south carriageway of Sow Lane
  7. turn right off Sow Lane into the grass parking.
When does the sunflower field open?

The sunflower field opens when the sunflowers start to bloom. We can’t pinpoint the exact date since the flowers respond to the weather we are having at the time. We will put a notification of the opening date on this page and on our social media.

When will the sunflower field close?

The sunflower field generally stays open for about 2-3 weeks after opening, depending upon the weather. We close the field when the sunflowers are starting to be past their best. We will put a notification of the closing date on this page and on our social media, when we know more.

Why do you not open the sunflower field at other times of the year?

Sunflowers only bloom for a few weeks a year, and we open the field for those weeks.

Do I need to book to visit the sunflowers?

You don’t need to book to visit the sunflowers, just come along

Is there an entrance fee?

There is no entrance fee – the field is free to visit

Is there free parking?

Yes, there is plenty of free parking in the fields next to the sunflower and pumpkin field

Can I bring my dog to the sunflowers?

Well-behaved dogs on short leads are welcome in the picnic are of the sunflower field. Unfortunately, due to having had to clean up after too many dogs, dogs are not allowed inside the main sunflower maze.

Do you sell the sunflowers?

Yes, you can pick the sunflowers at the field and you will be charged according to the prices on this page. Bring your own secateurs and gloves, or use our secateurs for a small deposit.

Do you accept cards or cash?

We prefer cards, but will accept both cards and cash

Are there toilets at the field?

Yes, there are portaloos at the side of the field near the entrance. There is also a baby-change unit and an accessible toilet.

Do you have baby-changing facilities?

Yes, there is a baby-changing unit in one of the portaloos

Can I bring a buggy or pram to the field?

Yes, the field is fine for buggies and prams, but please note that it is a field and can be uneven in places. If it’s been raining the ground can get muddy.

Can I bring a picnic to the sunflowers?

Yes, there are plenty of picnicking spots. Bring a blanket and a picnic, and enjoy your time here.

Can I buy food and drink at the field?

Yes, we have food and drink vendors at the field. We will notify you of who has pitched up with us when we know more. Please keep an eye on this page and on our social media

What do I need to wear to the sunflower field?

If it’s been dry recently, you don’t need any special clothing or footwear to visit the sunflower field. Don’t forget your sunscreen if it’s very sunny since there isn’t much shade at the field. If it’s been raining recently, the ground may be muddy and you may want to consider wearing wellies.

How do I keep my sunflowers looking fresh?

There are plenty of tips on how to keep your sunflowers looking good on this page. The most important thing is to keep them in water as much as you can. We have a sunflower creche of buckets of water for you to use while you are enjoying your time at the field.

Can I take photos at the field?

If your photos are purely for personal use, you are welcome to take as many pictures as you like. Do tag us if you post them – we love to see them!
If you are a professional photographer or are taking the pictures for any for-profit reason, you are required to get a license for the photoshoot here and book a time to visit. Please see the details on this page.

Can I take drone photography of the field?

Drone photography can only be undertaken at a time when the field is not open to the public. Please get in touch to book a time.

Can I put in an order for you to bulk-pick sunflowers for my event?

Unfortunately we don’t have the facilities to bulk-pick sunflowers for events. If you would like to come and pick the sunflowers yourself when we are open, you are welcome to.

Can you open the field out-of-hours for my group?

Unfortunately we are not able to open the field out-of-hours. The field is generally quieter at the beginning of the morning or later in the afternoon and you may find that these times are suitable for your visit.

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