General Questions

Are you open every day?

The Rougham Estate encompasses many different areas of work and interest, not all of which are open to the public.

To see what’s open for visitors, please check the What’s On and Opening Times pages.

If you need information about another aspect of Rougham Estate, please see the Contact details.

What can I do at Rougham Estate?

The Roots Café and shop are at the Blackthorpe Barn location, which is open all year (but not necessarily every day).

Throughout the year there are various seasonal events such as the Sunflowers and Pumpkins and the famous Christmas Festival as well as exhibitions and craft workshops.

For all the info see the What’s On page.

Are all Rougham Estate events held at Blackthorpe Barn?

Rougham Estate runs various different events, not all of which are held at Blackthorpe Barn, for example the Sunflowers and Pumpkins are held in a field on the other side of the A14.
Please see the Opening Times and Directions page for more information.

What is wheelchair access like?

At Rougham Estate, we try to prioritise accessibility to ensure everyone can enjoy our beautiful surroundings and events.

Assistance dogs are welcome everywhere.

Blackthorpe Barn
The Blackthorpe Barn is a step-free location; everywhere inside is accessible for wheelchairs, with 2 accessible toilets: one in the café and one in the courtyard toilets.
Dedicated accessible parking is available near the entrance and the car parks around the outside of the Barn are step-free and accessible too.
Please see the Ground Plan for a detailed layout of the venue.

Rougham Estate is a rural location and further away from the Barn, paths can be bumpy and muddy in places, depending on the weather. Some of the paths around the Barn have deeper gravel in places.

Other Events
Events that are held away from Blackthorpe Barn take place in fields and other rural locations, such as the Sunflower and Pumpkin field. We try and make each event as accessible as possible; please see the specific details for each event and location. Depending on the weather, fields can be muddy.

Rougham Estate walks have been designed to be used by able bodied walkers; they are often on uneven terrain, with stiles and tracks through woods. Increasing levels of physical impairment will make these walks increasingly inaccessible.
For those using self-propelled wheelchairs unexpected blockages such as fallen trees and branches can rapidly render a route impassible. The Rougham Estate does its best to keep routes clear but cannot guarantee that any path is fully accessible at any time.

Please see the individual walks for more detail, where you can find maps and detailed descriptions of the walks. We are in the process of adding photos and videos to help you further assess the terrain.

We love welcoming visitors and want everyone to have an easy and enjoyable day. If you have specific requirements, get in touch with us before you visit.

Do you have baby changing facilities?

The availability of baby-changing units depends upon the event; please see the specific details of the location.

Blackthorpe Barn
At Blackthorpe Barn there are 2 baby-changing units, one in the café and one in the courtyard toilets.
See the ground plan for the locations.

Do you have toilets?

Each event and location has different toilet facilities.

Blackthorpe Barn
At the Blackthorpe Barn venue there are two toilet areas, one in the courtyard and one in the café. Both areas have an accessible toilet and also a baby-changing unit.
Please see the Ground Plan of the Barn for details.

For other events, please see the separate information for each location.

Are dogs allowed at events?

Assistance dogs are welcome everywhere.

We are dog owners ourselves and are keen to make our events as dog-friendly as possible.

Indoor Events
For the details about indoor locations and individual events, please see the visitor information page.

Outdoor Areas
In general we welcome dogs in all the outdoor areas.
The exceptions to this are within the actual sunflower maze and pumpkin patch, where we have allowed dogs in the past but the clean-up required became too much and regrettably we have had to say no to dogs in those specific locations. Dogs are, however, welcome in the picnic area of the sunflower/pumpkin field. Assistance dogs are welcome everywhere.

You are very welcome to bring your dog for a walk around the Estate and we have some lovely dog walks listed here. Do please keep your dog on a short lead.

Are there any dog walks around the area?

Yes, we have some lovely dog walks around the Estate, with more being added soon. Please see our Walks page.

How do I get to Blackthorpe Barn; what postcode do I use on SatNav?

To get to the Barn, use this postcode: IP30 9HZ.
Not all events on Rougham Estate happen at Blackthorpe Barn; please check the specific details for the event you wish to attend.
More information on finding us easily can be found on our visitor information page.

How do I know where to go when I arrive at Blackthorpe Barn?

A detailed map of the Blackthorpe Barn buildings and parking can be found here.

How long does it take to get to the Rougham Estate from London?

The journey time will vary, of course, depending on which part of London you are setting off from and the traffic conditions on the day. However, if you are starting from the beginning of the M11, the journey to us on a clear run is about 1 hour 30 minutes.

Is there any public transport to Blackthorpe Barn?

Yes, there is a bus service that passes the Blackthorpe Barn entrance. See the information for Roots Café on the Opening Times and Directions page.

Who do I contact for…?

Please see our Contact page to find these details.
If you are not sure who to contact, please send us a message using the form there, or get in touch with the Estate Office.

Can I have my wedding at Blackthorpe Barn?

Weddings happen at the Barn each year during the summer months.
Visit the Weddings at Blackthorpe Barn website for more information.

What is the difference between Rougham Estate and Blackthorpe Barn?

The Rougham Estate is a large estate of land comprising over 3,000 acres of Suffolk countryside, including the land where Blackthorpe Barn is situated.
Rougham Estate is co-owned by George Agnew and the Rougham Estate Trust, whose work includes land management, wildlife conservation, agriculture and forestry work as well as looking after Rougham Hall.
Blackthorpe Barn is the indoor events location on the Rougham Estate.

What’s the history behind Rougham Estate?

The Rougham Estate has a fascinating history which you are welcome to find out more about on our history pages.


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