Rougham Airfield came into existence in 1942 and was historically called RAF Bury St Edmunds when it was constructed as a bomber base.

During World War II, Rougham Airfield hosted vital missions, serving as a base for American and British forces and home of the 94th Bomb Group. Squadrons conducted strategic bombing raids over occupied Europe, targeting key enemy installations and infrastructure. B-17 Flying Fortresses and B-26 Marauders, among other aircraft, took off from Rougham on daring missions, facing formidable opposition.

These sorties played a pivotal role in the Allied air campaign, contributing to the ultimate success of the war effort. The airfield’s history is etched with the bravery of those who flew from its runways, symbolising the sacrifices made in the pursuit of freedom and victory. Much more detailed information can be found on the Rougham Control Tower Aviation Museum website.



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