Rougham Estate Is the focus of an article published in the East Anglian Daily Times

The article, recently published in March 2024, talks about various aspects of the Estate including the walks, café, shop, events and, of course, the farm.

Here are a few snippets of the topics covered. Read the whole article on the East Anglian Daily Times website.

Owner George Agnew has been working on a series of 16 walks which he has devised, exploring parts of the heavily-wooded and picturesque land. These walks are being published on this website over the coming weeks and months.

This year Rougham Estate has become a year-round attraction with an expanded café-restaurant and retail offering, but although the 3,000-acre Estate has many aspects, it is, at heart, an agricultural estate.

Rougham Estate is unusual in having double the national average amount of tree area; over its 1250ha, 300ha is woodland with a further 20ha devoted to the Christmas tree plantation. At Christmas it sells around 4,000 trees, the vast majority of which go directly to end users, rather than to a wholesaler.

Simon Eddell, the Estate Manager commented that the Christmas trees are cut and delivered straight to Blackthorpe Barn on literally the same day, less than a mile from where they are grown, and are as fresh as you can get.

With the loss of farm subsidies, the Estate has had to rely more on its other businesses. “We are having to do a lot of diversification to compensate for loss of agricultural support grants which we are all facing,” explained George.

Read more about the Estate and these diversifications in the full East Anglian Daily Times article here

Thanks to Sarah Chambers and Charlotte Bond for coming to visit.