*NOW CLOSED for 2022*

Thank you for visiting the sunflowers in 2022. We have loved seeing your pictures and hearing about the fun you had. Sunflowers in 2023 are already being planned!

Could there be anything better than strolling through vibrant blooms of mini-sunflowers, picking to your heart’s content or sitting by a sea of yellow with your loved ones enjoying a summer’s picnic?

Well… you can do it at Rougham Estate!

Rougham Estate is open once again, for the second year, inviting visitors to enjoy its wonderful display of this summer’s mini-sunflowers.

  • Free admission and parking
  • Picnicking encouraged
  • Cold drinks, ice cream and snacks available
  • Toilet facilities
  • No booking needed

Why Mini-Sunflowers?

Well, 2022 has been a hot, dry year so far, lacking the rain needed to make them as tall as last year. Our sunflowers are perfect miniatures of what we had last year. They are currently about waist-height, fully-formed and golden yellow, and perfect for picking and displaying at home!

Closing Date: 14 August

The last day for visiting the mini-sunflowers field will be on Sunday 14th August. Until then we are open daily 10-5.

Bigger Field, Same Rustic Charm

The sunflowers may be mini, but the field is bigger this year, still keeping our rustic charm and offering plenty of photo opportunities.

In addition to the mini-sunflowers, we have some wildflowers which can be purchased in pre-cut bunches to adorn your home.

We will lend you a pair of secateurs for a small refundable deposit to help you cut your chosen blooms to enjoy at home, or bring your own (and don’t forget gloves, if you need them).

Location and Facilities

This wonderful field is in a new location in Rougham, just east of Bury St. Edmunds, easily accessible and clearly sign-posted from Junction 45 of the A14. (Detailed directions further down the page.)

There is plentiful free parking and toilet facilities; picnicking is encouraged and the wonderful Wrights are back again with their famous toasties, and lots of other offerings too including face-painting … watch this space and our social media for info!

Day Out in the Countryside

Come and enjoy a day in the countryside, with room for children to run and climb, space to picnic by a sea of yellow blooms, with deckchairs and a sandpit for little ones, and tasty toasties, snacks and ice cream on offer. 

Admission and parking are free!

Opening Times

The Rougham Mini-Sunflower Field is open every day from 10am to 5pm.

Watch our social media to see find out about any changes in opening times.

Daily 10am – 5pm

Plenty of parking spaces

Entry & Parking: Free



This year’s field of Mini-Sunflowers is in a new location.

Take Junction 45 from the A14, just East of Bury St. Edmunds and follow our signage.

From the Eastbound Carriageway:
– turn right at the roundabout at the end of the A14 slip road
– go up the north carriageway of Sow Lane
– fully around the roundabout at the top
– back down the south carriageway of Sow Lane
– turn right off Sow Lane into the grass parking.

From the Westbound Carriageway
– turn left at the end of the A14 slip road
– drive under the bridge
– straight over the first roundabout
– go up the north carriageway of Sow Lane
– fully around the roundabout at the top
– back down the south carriageway of Sow Lane
– turn right off Sow Lane into the grass parking.


What3words: commit.submerged.bombard
Google Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/geKLforxCQ95FK6J7

Postcode: The postcode for the nearby industrial estate is IP30 9ND – Note: this is NOT the postcode for the sunflower field, but will get you to near the A14, Junction 45 roundabout. See the diagram and follow the sunflower signs from the A14, J45 roundabout.

Your Visit

When you visit the mini-sunflower field you will be directed by a member of staff to park. We have ample parking on grass.

Toilet facilities are available including an accessible and baby change unit.

The Mini-Sunflower Field is packed with plenty of photo opportunities to capture special moments of your visit.

By popular demand, the straw bale pyramid and sandpits are back, to keep your little ones entertained, as well as face-painting, available daily.

Dogs are Welcome

Dogs are welcome to come and visit the picnic area of the mini-sunflower field, as long as they are well-behaved and kept on a short lead at all times. Don’t forget to bring poop-bags, which must be used when required, and to take any waste away with you.

At quieter times, dogs are allowed onto the mini-sunflower pathways but must be carried for the safety of the dog and the mini-sunflowers; at busier times dogs may not be allowed inside the mini-sunflowers.

This is a family-friendly location and many families with small children visit. Little children need to be safe, and feel safe here. Dogs can be intimidating to people not used to them.

Pathways through the Mini-Sunflower Field

We have cut pathways through the sunflowers to make it easy for you to explore the area, although there isn’t a maze, as such, this year due to the small size of the plants.


There is a choice of picnic spots with benches on a grassy area, so bring along your picnic blankets. Picnicking is encouraged and there is also daily catering from the amazing Wrights who are joining us for another season. Their famous toasties are back, and in addition they will be offering lunch boxes for little people.

And for these hot days, we have ice cream at the field too!

Perfect for Picking!

These miniature sunflowers are just perfect for displaying at home. You will be able to pick your own beautiful bunches of Mini-Sunflowers whilst meandering through the cut-out paths.
Secateurs can be borrowed if you forget yours, for a small refundable deposit which will be deducted from the sale. Do remember to bring some gloves too, if you need them.

When you are ready to leave, head to the gazebo where our helpful staff will charge you according to how many stems you have cut.

Stems are charged:

  • £2 each
  • £8 for 5 stems
  • £12 for 10 stems

Payment by card is preferable although we will be taking cash.
See our tips below for keeping your sunflowers looking good in a vase

Leaving the Mini-Sunflower Field

We are operating a one-way system for all visitors arriving by car, so look out for Exit signs that will direct you back to the public road.
Please note that the exit road is a left-hand turn only and will signpost you accordingly.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Keep your fingers crossed for good weather…

Tips for Looking After Cut Sunflowers

When you get your cut sunflowers home, here are some tips to help them last for as long as possible:

  • Get your sunflowers into water as soon as possible after cutting
  • Cut the stems at a 45 degree angle to help with hydration; if possible, cut the stem underwater
  • Remove all leaves below the water line; only keep the leaves near the flower
  • Fill the vase with warm water up to about 3/4 of the height of the stem
  • Top up the water daily, or better, change all the water in the vase daily (do this at least every 3 days)
  • Recut the stems after a few days (or do this daily), to help with hydration 
  • Don’t expose the cut flowers to direct sunlight, heat or drafts
  • If the sunflower head is beginning to droop, cut the stem shorter and put the flower in warm water (try adding 2-3 teaspoons of sugar to the water). Another trick is to cut a short length of straight garden wire (4-5cm) and push it through the centre of the flower, into the stem, to give it some support
  • Sunflowers like a slightly acidic water solution with sugars for nutrition; try adding a teaspoon of sugar and two tablespoons of lemon juice (or a tablespoon of vinegar) to the water


The Mini-Sunflowers make for wonderful photos and there are several feature areas for you to take home some special captured memories. You are welcome to take photos for purely personal use.

All professional, commercial, for-profit, paid-for or “organised” photoshoots require a license and must be pre-booked and authorised by Rougham Estate. 

Drone use is strictly prohibited unless pre-arranged and authorised by Rougham Estate. It must be undertaken during hours that the site is not open to the public and will incur a fee.

Requests to privately open any part of the mini-sunflower field must be pre-arranged with Rougham Estate and will incur a fee.

Rougham Estate must be credited on all professional/commercial images sold or used for social media.

Unauthorised professional photographers or photoshoots may be asked to leave/stop as determined by Rougham Estate staff.

If you are interested in holding a photoshoot at the mini-sunflowers, please contact Amie:

Amie Deane
T: 01359 270238
E: amie@roughamestate.com

This event is brought to you by Rougham Estate

Further information:

Amie Deane
T: 01359 270238
E: amie@roughamestate.com

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