Explanation to why the eagle is on our logo

It all stems back to my  great great-grandfather William Agnew who was a well-known art dealer in London and also the Liberal MP for Salford in Manchester in the 1880s. When he retired from public life William Gladstone the prime minister honoured him with a baronetcy, which is a form of hereditary knighthood. With the baronetcy came a coat of arms which included a crest with an eagle holding a sword in its beak. We have taken the eagle from the family crest and made it into the new Rougham Estate logo, designed by Adrian White in 2019.

Arms: Per saltire Argent and Gules two Cinquefoils in pale and as many Saltires couped in fess all counterchanged

Crest: An Eagle rising reguardant proper each wing charged with a Pale Or holding in the beak by the hilt a Sword in bend sinister also proper and resting the dexter claw on a Saltire Gules

Motto: Consilio et impetu (By wisdom and vigour)