… and for Farmers!

I appreciate that this will be a post of a sight that most people will be disappointed with, but as farmers without any form of watering our crops (irrigation), we are extremely grateful to see this sight this morning.

For the last few weeks I have been desperately searching a number of different weather apps and sites for any hint of rain in the weather forecast, as our crops and environmental strips are completely dependant on it to thrive and especially at this time of year.

To put the situation into numbers, our average annual rainfall for the year here on the Estate is usually around 660mm. So far this year we have only received about 200mm and after five hot sunny weeks we were getting quite desperate for it.

It may surprise some of you, when looking at our rainfall records on the Estate (which date back over 30 years) that the wettest month of the year is usually August!

As farmers we are renowned for moaning about the weather, so I am sure that before too long I will be moaning that it is either too wet, too sunny, too cloudy, too windy, too still, too cold, too hot or too dry again!