Ah, summer ☀️… and the glorious sunflowers🌻

Doesn’t it feel a long way away at the moment !

But the wonderful sunflowers are still bringing joy, from being dried and used in displays and now to the seeds which make great bird feed.

This time of year is known as the Hunger Gap for our wild birds, where food is scarce and winter is at its toughest. Sunflowers to the rescue, to help our feathered friends, by providing them with a food source.

Back in the autumn, when the sunflowers had died back, we harvested some of the heads using the Estate combine, leaving about a third of the patch standing for the wildlife around to enjoy.

The seed that was collected has been dried and is now available for you to purchase in 2kg paper bags from the Garden Room shop and Roots Café.

🌻Let last summer’s sunflowers help you feed the wild birds at home 🐦‍⬛ and keep looking forward to sunnier days again ☀️