Pinnie Love


Beautifully handmade linen crossback aprons made from eco friendly enzyme washed linen, which has been through a special laundering process using environmentally friendly enzymes that softens the finish of the fabric. The linen crumples with slight irregularities in the weave and texture, which is a natural characteristic. It looks lived in, soft but very strong and will age beautifully and last for many years.

The flattering shape of the crossback pinnie is based on a traditional Japanese design with a generous loose fit with no ties to hang around your neck, this allows for free movement and a secure fit on the shoulders. Great if you suffer from a bad back like me!

One size fits all and can adapt from a size 10-12 right up to a size 18, as the crossover sections at the back open to allow different shaped bodies. If you, (like me) are around 5ft 4 inches in height, the pinnie length will sit just below your knees.

There are two types of pockets to choose from, deep patch pockets to keep your bits and bobs handy, or a butcher’s style wide pocket, stitched with sections. Both pockets are roomy and handy for all those things you want to keep nearby. On the bib part of the pinnie is a small  pocket to keep little treasures or a few imperial mints for that well needed sugar fix.

My aprons have been made for Ice cream parlours, arists, gardeners, jewellers, potters, teachers, cooks, doctors, waitresses, make-up artists, wholefood stores, mums, daughters, grannies, students, librarians, farmers and as more people share the love, orders continue to come from the most extraordinary places.

Each Pinnie is handmade by myself, a retired Head of Textiles teacher who has enjoyed a love for sewing since my Mummy taught me as a child. My sunny studio is in the heart of the Suffolk countryside, where I also teach sewing skills (presently on hold due to the current COVID situation).

Find me on my Etsy page which is:

Or please message me directly via email – or through my Instagram page @pinnielove.

There is a choice of 14 colours: Cranberry, Pumpkin, Tuscan, Lavender, Lichen, Mushroom, Smoke, Granite, Aqua, Ocean, Indigo & Ebony Linen. Plus Blue (thicker and more robust) & Coal (softer) Cotton Denim.

Share the love, a perfect gift that will fade and age beautifully with the seasons.




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