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MEET Marianne Laker

Marianne Laker started sewing at the age of seven, taught by her mum who had the patience needed to teach her older sister and herself to make garments which they could wear and be proud of.

Her skills developed and she soon became hooked, enjoying the process of choosing fabric and a pattern and making from it something she could wear. At the age of 12, she made her first coat and by then she could make almost anything.

She started making children’s clothes many years ago for her own children and now design and make a range of practical, washable, reversible jackets and dresses. Lately, she has started a new range of baby clothes, inspired by her five grandchildren. These can be found on her website

Weaving is a new skill she has learnt in the past few years when she bought a second hand Kromski Harp rigid heddle loom. She has really enjoyed making beautiful scarves to match the colours of the boiled wool ladies coats she makes and often now include them as part of the coat. She became more ambitious and have now made bigger pieces and turned them into shawls, wraps and even jackets.

During the lockdown, she spent a lot of time weaving and sewing and also got her old knitting machine out, producing a range of Fair Isle style scarves. She’s never bored!


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