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Meet Tom Gaskell

I love the interplay of light with translucent, opalescent, iridised and dichroic glass especially when I can melt different glasses and powders together to create new shapes, colours and forms. I take inspiration from the world around me – and from the colours, swirls and shapes within the glass itself – to produce fused glass art pieces. Most of my work is glass artwork representing birds and the natural world, and this is what I show at the larger art events, but I do enjoy making a few ornaments and items of tableware and jewellery from time to time. 

I’m an engineer by education, a business consultant for much of my career and now a glass artist for pleasure and fulfilment. A couple of periods of ill health gave me time for reflection and prompted me to re-evaluate my priorities. As a result I set up a small ‘warm glass’ studio to enable me to fuse, cast and flame-work glass.


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