Kate Welton Ceramics


Ceramics: functional stoneware with abstract slip decoration

Kate Welton is based in the heart of rural Suffolk, a beautiful county with gently rolling farmland, and the most magnificent skies. Her collection of ceramics is wheel-thrown and then decorated with coloured slips (liquid clay) in a variety of designs.

Her Dad is, and her grandfather was a very keen vegetable grower, and during her degree, she took inspiration for her surface designs from their treasured gardening tools. She still loves mark-making, but now her patterns evolve in a more intuitive way, by layering colour directly onto the clay’s surface.

These mugs, vases and bowls are made to be held, to be used daily, to bring a sense of calm to your space. Each possesses a clean, functional form, but their surfaces are alive with sweeping brushstrokes, dancing lines and ever-present circles. She finds herself increasingly drawn to the landscape around her, and the Suffolk fields, sun and sky are echoed in the earthy greys, greens and yellows that adorn these pots.

When she is not potting, she can usually be found out for a walk, watching a black & white film, cooking or eating! She also loves visiting a good book shop and exhibition. Matisse is one of her favourite artists, and she loves the work of Vanessa Bell, a huge source of inspiration to her.


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