Jewellery by Julie



I am a silversmith and design and make silver jewellery. In my work, I challenge myself to create new designs every year. Silver is a very versatile metal to work with and can be shaped and formed in many ways. I marvel at the many textures with which I can pattern the metal surface, by stamping, hammering, piercing and drilling. I have been experimenting with the contrast between these patterns and a smooth silver surface or by soldering on shiny wire shapes and squiggles. I am pleased with the stylish and charming earrings and necklaces I have made as a result. I cannot resist using stones in some of my pieces as they come in such interesting forms and colours. This year I am particularly attracted to bright colours, intriguing natural structural patterns and iridescence. These stones I set in unusual, often simple settings or encase them in a kind of ‘cage’ to create one-off pieces which I hope will appeal to customers. I have recently started offering small workshops for one or two people, in which they can make a bangle, necklace or earrings. Seeing people’s delight when they have mastered a new skill and made a unique piece of jewellery they can wear with pride is a real pleasure. My prices range from £10 to £120, but most pieces are between £25 and £50.


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