Flossy Felts


Textiles: Hand felted items: pictures, animal bowls and decorations

Beverley Neeves makes hand felted pictures, wall hangings, cards and animal sculptures using various types of wool: Merino, Shetland, Jacob, Cheviot, Wensleydale and Black Hebridean. Much of her work is created using the wet felting technique and some are also embellished with machine embroidery and silk. Her inspiration comes from the natural environment: landscapes, plants, animals and birds. She tries to re-create the feel and atmosphere of a scene, whether it’s the grandeur of the mountains of Skye or sheep grazing in a Suffolk field. 

From an early age, she has always enjoyed working with fibres and fabrics and loves experimenting with the colour and texture that wool offers. Due to the nature of wet felting, she can never be absolutely certain how my “felt paintings” will turn out. As a result, no two pieces are ever the same so each item is unique.


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