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Locally-based author Pauline Manders writes crime novels (fiction) set in Suffolk.

The books are independently published with covers designed by local artist Rebecca Moss Guyver who this year (2023) has had 2 of her paintings in the RA Summer Exhibition. Pauline began writing in 2010 after retiring from her medical career spanning 35 years.

Pauline’s Utterly Crime Series comprises 10 books set from 2010 onwards. They are available through local bookshops & her website (all formats). Her books are popular in Suffolk libraries, as well as being available in Essex and Norfolk libraries. A local (Bury St Edmunds) actor, Andy Deane has narrated five books in the series as audiobooks. He is currently recording the next in the series, Utterly Knotted.

If you are looking for an unusual, locally-themed gift – a Suffolk-based crime novel could be the solution.

The books have a strong Suffolk flavour, with murders often disguised as unusual accidents. Chrissie, Nick and Matt are character-driven amateur sleuths: Chrissie, a middle-aged accountant turned carpenter; Nick, a talented young carpenter with good looks and a voice to match; and Matt, both a teenager and failed carpentry apprentice, who is better suited to computing and IT. A long-suffering Detective Inspector, Clive Merry makes his entrance towards the end of the first book.

Time moves on slowly, but the books can be read as standalone or as a series. The mood is cosy and follows the clues and investigation, rather than a psychological shocker, and would suit an age range of 40 – 100 years. You can find out more about Pauline, her books and how to buy them directly from her website.

  1. Utterly Explosive
  2. Utterly Fuelled
  3. Utterly Rafted
  4. Utterly Reclaimed
  5. Utterly Knotted
  6. Utterly Crushed
  7. Utterly Dusted
  8. Utterly Roasted
  9. Utterly Dredged
  10. Utterly Concealed


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