24-LizzieBrown-Mad March Hare LS

Lizzie Brown Ceramics

24-LizzieBrown-Midsummer Heart

MEET Lizzie Brown

Lizzie is a ceramic designer and maker specialising in hand-built porcelain. She makes a range of functional and decorative ceramics. 

Hares, birds and foxes are a prominent feature in her work, interweaved with flowers, landscapes and pattern. Lizzie is a natural hoarder and collector of things which she loves to upcycle and recycle within her work. Found objects, screws, bolts, nails and handmade sprigs are used to impress into the clay to give a strong textile quality to each piece.

All of her ceramics are painted by hand using glazes developed from her own recipes and experiments with colour. Each piece is individually made with love and care and no two pieces are exactly the same.

Please visit her website to view more of her work or to purchase directly from her online shop.


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