Chloe Scott Woven Design



Chloe Scott is a woven designer based in Norfolk, UK creating bespoke handwoven cloth which is handmade into luxury products. Handwoven cloth is created on a small digital dobby loom at DesignerMakers21, Diss.

Chloe’s fabrics are inspired by our surroundings, exploring nature, architecture and everyday life to inform hand-designed patterns which are handwoven on the loom. Chloe mainly uses a variety of high-quality cotton and lambswool in the handwoven cloth, whilst also adding small fancy yarns such as lurex and viscose to add that bit of sparkle. The warp of the cloth is hand-dyed creating natural changes in colour allowing every piece of fabric to be unique. The cloth is then handmade into a range of products starting with small items such as buttons, keyrings and purses. There are also larger items such as makeup bags, wash bags, various sized pouches and cushions. No two items are exactly the same as the unique handwoven process allows every section of cloth to be different, you will never have something someone else does!

The latest items to the product range include ‘Across the Body Bags’, ‘Poppies’ and limited edition Christmas products! Chloe has a wide selection of her beautiful products available at DesignerMakers21, on her website and social media this Christmas!


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