Michelle Daniels


Ceramics: Hand thrown stoneware and individual raku pieces

Made From the Earth, Inspired by Earth and Beyond. 

Michelle Daniels has been making pots for over 34 years. Her small workshop is based in Oby in rural Norfolk, where she makes hand thrown stoneware pots for use in the home and individual raku-fired vessels.

The pots in her stoneware range are individually wheel-thrown. Each piece is impressed with stamps, cogs, buttons and roulette wheels which form patterns on their surface. They are then glazed with their own glazes to enhance their textural surfaces and fired to stoneware temperatures making them durable, functional pieces designed for everyday use and can be put in the dishwasher if required.

Her raku work consists of a range of both ‘naked’ and glazed raku vessels and is inspired by photographic images of planet earth as seen from the International Space Station and also recent images of Jupiter from NASA’s Juno cam. Forms are wheel-thrown, then decorated with terra sigillata slips. Layers of decoration are used to illustrate surfaces in a 2-dimensional way as would be seen from outer space. Some pieces are then burnished, some glazed. Raku fired wares are usually still porous after firing, but some of her small ‘planets’ and bottle shapes have been sealed to make them water-tight for flowers.

Her work can be purchased directly from her studio (open by appointment or she’ll be happy to post pots out to you) or from her Etsy shop


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