Ablaze Bowls


MEET Kit Agnew

Kit makes handmade fire bowls, planters and horseshoe homewares from worn-out steel. He designs and creates all of his fire bowls and sculptures from recycled steel.

I like extravagance but I cannot bear waste.” it’s Kit’s motto and he feels his pieces reflect this.

Since his early teens, he has been working with metal and set up Ablaze Bowls in 2017 after his first fire bowl commission. He does all of his designs and makes them from his workshop near Rudham in North Norfolk. Quite a bit of his time is spent looking for new materials in scrap yards.

He frequently exhibits at shows and craft fairs in Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex. Primarily he makes fire bowls and planters and they are usually on stands. The diameters vary between 1 ft to 6 ft. He also make sculptures, He likes to discuss ideas for potential commissions with other people. He makes stock items too, these are available to purchase on his website.

The Little Bowl is his most popular bowl and can be easily posted. It is somewhat portable and makes for a good BBQ once the fire has died down.

The Horseshoe Boot Jack is an ideal gift for anyone who wears boots and struggles to take them off. It’s made from old horseshoes so everyone is slightly different. It is easily posted.

The Lily Pad is his most affordable bowl and is easily posted.

The Spring Chain Beacon is his main quirky sculpture bowl. It can be posted but he prefers to deliver it personally.

The Tulip is his original big bowl design. At 115cm diameter, it makes a statement and works best on the prepared hard standing area to live on. It has to be hand-delivered due to its large size.

The Viking Quintillion is his largest bowl at 160cm in diameter. It is essentially a raised bonfire and requires a prepared hard standing area to live on. It has to be hand-delivered due to its large size.


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